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  • Do you deliver?
    I normally do pickups only, but yes, delivery is possible and available. There is a fee of $20 plus $1.50 per mile, round trip. Your order must total a minimum of $100 to qualify for delivery.
  • Do you ship anywhere?
    No, not yet. You have to either have a certified kitchen, or bake from a commercial kitchen in order to do so. It's on my "goal" list.
  • How many people does your cake feed?
    The suggested serving size is on both my flavor page and pricing page. These numbers are estimated off small pieces (1-2" slice) of a 2 layer cake. More layers = more servings/larger servings. If you STILL don't know... its always better to go bigger. Leftovers for breakfast are never a bad idea, but a sad guest who didn't get a slice is definitely not something you want... ESPECIALLY if they're a little kid! When in doubt though, ask. I can help!
  • How do you cut a cake?
    1. Remove all the decorations (both edible and non-edible) 2. Decide if you're going to wing it or go by the book 3. If you're winging it... GOOOOOOOOOO!!! If not, watch this video:
  • Are your cakes allergy friendly?
    By default, no. I still need you to tell me if you have any allergies or food restrictions when placing your order. I can create vegan, dairy free, nut-free, soy free, and gluten free treats. On days that I create a nut-free order, I do not bake macarons. I rarely get a peanutbutter buttercream request, but when I do, I double wash the bowl afterwards, and I always rewash my tools before baking any orders with allergies. If you ever need to see a list of ingredients that I use I am happy to give them to you with your order.
  • Do you have order minimums?
    Yes. For my treats, I have a 1 dozen minimum and only 1 flavor per dozen, unless I am doing a "leftovers" sale, or have a mixed batch sale. Jumbo cupcakes are sold in half-dozens. You can have different decorations on the order though. All 12 don't have to look the same.
  • Can you make custom toppers?
    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I have a Cricut machine and love it so so much! I use it all the time and make toppers as well. If you don't want to buy treats and you just need some toppers, please let me know. I'd be happy to help!
  • Do you sell variety packs?
    Sometimes, when I have free time, I'll have a bake sale where I make multpile flavors and sell variety packs. Otherwise, the only way to order a variety pack is to order a few dozen and make your own.
  • Do you have a reward program?
    Kind of... Its the unspoken referral rule. If you refer 3+ people to me and I get orders from them, I'll probably throw some treats your way.
  • How do I claim your leftovers?
    If I post a bake, you can always comment asking if there's leftovers. If you comment, I'll most likely sell them to you if you want them. Otherwise, my leftovers go to family and co-workers.
  • What's your address?
    I'm located in Westmont, IL. My address is on the invoice you receive. I don't post my address online because I am just a home baker. If I had my own bakery, my address would be on HUGE billboards across the highway for ALL to see and come visit!
  • How should I drive with the cake?
    VERY CAREFULLY!!!!! Put it on the floor of your car (passenger seat works best) and drive like you're 16 taking your drivers licence test again! Don't slam on the brakes!!!! Also, hold your cake from the bottom of the box, NEVER the sides. If that little bit of tape comes undone, your cake is going to drop out and smash on the floor. I can't remake a cake for free just because you dropped it...but I will if I drop it.
  • What are your policies on deposits and cancellations?
    My policies can be found on the bottom of the pricng page.
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