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Its the question on everyone's mind.  How much to get these glorious cupcakes at my next party so my belly can do cartwheels?  Well, here's where you'll find the answers to all that you seek...well at least regarding cupcake prices.

Mini  Cupcakes

2" Diameter 

These bite size cupcakes are tasty as they are tiny.  You won't feel guilty eating one of these, but you'll get the full experience!  I cannot guarantee you won't have more than 1 though.

$15 per dozen

Sold by the dozen

Classic Cupcakes

3" Diameter

These are the regular sized cupcakes you're used to consuming.  Grandma made them, your mom made them, all the stores make them.  No big deal, right? Wrong.  Mine are SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

$30 per dozen

Sold by the dozen

Jumbo Cupcakes

3.5" Diameter

These cupcakes don't sound massive, but they are.  You definitely won't be having more than one.  They just won't fit.  But if you have a large love for sweets, this is the size to really wow your sweet-tooth.

$30 per 1/2 dozen

Sold by the 1/2 dozen


(custom flavors available)

A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour, and food coloring. I fill mine with buttercream, and sometimes a little fruit filling.

$20 per dozen

Sold by the dozen

Cinnamon Rolls

Imagine getting freshly baked, homemade cinnamon rolls without having to make a single thing.  Heavenly, right??  Well, that's what these are, pure, delicious, cinamonny heaven.

$20 per dozen

Sold by the dozen

(frosting included

Custom Cakes

I can make cakes for all sorts of occasions, in many different sizes, flavors, and colors.  Please contact me directly for a cake quote.  No two cakes are the same, so pricing is per order.

Contact for price quote